Fatty thriller is next novel from former financier

THE CHAMPAGNE was flowing on Wednesday evening, as ex-corporate financier and author Tony Drury wined City guests at a Chancery Lane bar, to celebrate the launch of his latest novel.

The author and chairman of Axiom Capital and Globe Capital was giving away free copies of Cholesterol – which The Capitalist is told features a merger, kidnapping, unplanned pregnancy and Royal ambush – to well-wishers including tax adviser to Premiership footballers Peter Fairchild and media luvvie lawyer Richard Moxon.

Given that Drury is known for penning romantic thrillers, The Capitalist was taken aback by the rather unthrilling title of the tome, and even more so by the book’s teaser.

“Can detective inspector Sarah Rudd continue to triumph in her fight against evil and corruption? And don’t forget about those nasty fatty deposits lurking beneath the surface...”

It’s almost enough to put you off your dinner. Maybe he ought to send a copy to new weight-watcher George Osborne.