Fat-busting leggings that actually seem to make you thinner

Laura Williams

When I was approached by Proskins (www.proskins.co.uk) to try its slimming range of compression leggings, I was sceptical: fat-busting leggings? As one who has spent the last decade trying to convince the world that the only real way to bust those fat cells is by eating less and moving more, I didn’t think this would be the fairest trial. But try I did, as did three other willing guinea pigs and together our little testing panel spanned three generations.

So what is the Proskins Slim range? It’s basically caffeine-infused compression clothing that claims to improve the appearance of cellulite and improve skin tone. We were all dubious to start: one tester was concerned that the caffeine would keep her up at night (doesn’t work like that) while I was concerned about having to wear tight leggings for eight hours a day. All our concerns were unfounded – no one was kept awake with a caffeine rush; I barely noticed I was wearing the leggings, while another tester noticed such an improvement in her cellulite that she refused to take them off and was sleeping in them. So do they work? A resounding “yes” from the four of us. Our results ranged from inch loss and looser jeans to sleeker, smoother skin and, in my case, less achey legs after a long, active week. At the end of the trial I wanted to know if I had to keep wearing them for the effects to last and was told yes, I would, “...much like diet and exercise”. Point taken. But for a one-off cost of £50, I think I can live with that.

Now, for the science....

n Experts agree that compression fabric helps to promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which does improve the appearance of cellulite.

n And for sport? Extensive studies have found that compression clothing most definitely works in aiding recovery but scientists are still divided as to whether it improves performance.

n And on the plane? Wearing compression garments during long flights is thought to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) by preventing blood pooling in the legs.
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