Dior calls itself “a pioneer in Haute Couture mobile phones” – which may not be as ludicrous as it sounds, as this is neither the first Dior has produced, nor the only brand to do so (for instance, Jill Sander is launching a smart phone). So, what does your €3,300 buy you? Ninety-nine pieces assembled by hand in a French workshop including sapphire crystal, steel, gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl. Oh, and it’s a 3.2 inch multi-touch LCD, with16 million colours, 854 x 480 pixels, video recorder, auto focus 5MP camera with stabiliser and plenty more. Available at €3,900 incl VAT.

London Fashion Week is on its way (17-22 Sep) and to celebrate, London’s starriest oyster bar will be offering a special deal to entice fashionistas. Between shows at Somerset House, the hub of the action, they can sup on low-fat oysters and sip Pol Roger in its cosy bar, watching out for the celebrities that frequent Sheekeys. £18.75 for half a dozen West Mersea native oysters and a glass of fizz, between 12 and 25 Sep. 28-32 St. Martins Court,www.j-sheekey.co.uk

In the US, J Crew is the discerning, slightly primmer beachcomber’s Abercrombie and Fitch, in that you won’t see any ripped miniskirts or micro-tops. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than the high street, but it’s still affordable and it transcends class and snob barriers. A Prada wearer might well own the odd bit from J Crew (a favourite of Michele Obama). Well, the time has come, Brits can now get in on a slice of preppie chic all of their own. www.Jcrew.com