Fall in the number of London workers that commute by car

Julian Harris
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THE NUMBER of Londoners that drive to work has dropped by over seven per cent since the start of the millenium, according to Census data released yesterday.

Over 1.1m residents in the capital used to drive a car or van to work according to the 2001 Census – yet the figure is now closer to 1m, data from the 2011 Census has shown.

London has the lowest proportion of people who drive to work in the UK, at 26.3 per cent – down from 33.5 per cent in 2001.

Nearly half (48.3 per cent) arrive at work via rail or buses, the 2011 Census showed.

In the south east region outside London, however, 57.2 per cent of workers drive a car or van for their daily commute – slightly down on the 59.2 per cent recorded in 2001.

Across England and Wales, driving remains the most common form of commuting to work, used by 15.3m people, 57.5 per cent of the working population.

Yet only 4.3m people (16.4 per cent of workers) travel by public transport, according to the figures from 2011. Around 3.6m walk or cycle to work.