Fab boss needs to work on his dismissal chat

AS JOB market watchers will recall, HSBC eloquently announced back in April that it would be “demising the roles” of 942 relationship managers as part of wider job cuts. And if you thought that was a hideous turn of phrase readers, look away now.

It seems that the recent culling from Fab.com boss Jason Goldberg last week was almost as brutally-worded as HSBC’s dismissal announcement.

The chief executive of the overnight internet sensation Fab.com announced that the online store would be demising – so to speak – 100 people in its Berlin office. in order to focus on its US business.

In an email to canned employees Goldberg consoled them with the tactful: “Directly after this meeting you will learn what category your job falls into and whether you will have the opportunity to start your new job search immediately.” No doubt they were thrilled to be given such a privileged opportunity.

Perhaps Goldberg should also have given them some personal advice based on his first company. As a young entrepreneur he created two start-ups, one of which was called Jobster, a website which ironically boasts the tagline: “It’s our job to find your job!”