Explore beyond limits: Acer sets its sights on emotional branding


Q What’s your brand’s primary reason for being involved with the Games?

A Acer is proud to be the world-wide computing partner of the Olympic movement. We feel we share the Olympic values, and have a deep respect for the sports and its athletes. The association with the Olympic Games is important for our brand, with our new tagline stating: “Explore beyond limits”.

We are providing the best tools and latest technologies for athletes who challenge themselves continuously to become champions. Thanks to the Olympic partnership, we hope to enrich our brand with emotions, which is so important in the computing industry, where many brands have difficulties differentiating themselves from their competitors.

We hope that the Olympic partnership will make our brand more human and inspirational. That the Games bring us additional interest from consumers, while the smooth running of Acer during the Games helps to gain their trust.

This is also a great opportunity for us to show the best technologies and skills, not only to consumers, but also to B2B clients.

Q How was the case for involvement structured to the board?

A We made the decision to sponsor the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010 and the 2012 Olympic Games back in December 2007. The sponsorship details – including benefits, costs, manpower and challenges – were presented to the board, who reviewed and agreed to go ahead with the sponsorship. A special Olympic taskforce was also formed to focus on the planning and execution of the project.

Q How have you structured your business to maximise the opportunities?

A We are excited to offer everyone who loves the Olympics, and wants to celebrate the Olympic spirit through technologies, a wide range of Olympic Games products. We’ve designed an Aspire notebook, an Iconia tablet, an LCD computer monitor and an Aspire all-in-one desktop to showcase Acer’s excellence in engineering and design. As well as to celebrate our Olympic partnership.

All the products have the Acer Olympic Games composite logo, showing the Acer brand and the Olympic Rings together. Thanks to our partnership with Eurosport, those who buy our Olympics Games edition notebooks and tablets can stay connected and follow the Games live through the Eurosport player. We shall combine technological innovation and premium content to create unique Olympic Games experience.

Q How did the announcement that you were involved affect your business?

A Sponsoring the Olympic Games is one of several sports marketing initiatives by Acer. It helped to elevate the awareness and value of our brand to be associated with such a grand event. Within our company, the association also boosted employee morale. Overall, the sponsorship has impressed everyone we have come into contact with.

Q Which are the most crucial commercial opportunities and how will you be using these for maximum return?

A London 2012 will allow us to show-case our consumer and professional technologies. The PC infrastructure provided by Acer to power the Olympic Games covers the entire complex. In total, 13,500 desktops, 13,000 computer monitors, 2,900 notebook, and 950 servers have been deployed to serve the numerous venues.

Acer is also providing ground support at the Olympic venues, with more than 350 Acer technicians and engineers.

We will also create four PC Lounges for both media and athletes, located in the Olympic Villages and Main Press Centre. Acer Internet Cafes will be open 24 hours a day during the Games.

The Acer Internet Lounges for athletes is themed around a garden, providing athletes with 150 fully-equipped stations with broadband internet access, communication and social networking environments. Keeping them up to date with the things that matter the most, and in touch with their friends and family in a relaxed way.

During the Games, Acer will also run an 800 square metre interactive showcase in the heart of the Olympic Park. The Acer pavilion will host park visitors and special Acer guests from all around the world. The pavilion’s theme is ‘The Acer Journey’ and the showcase will give visitors an opportunity to explore exciting Acer technology.

Q What has surprised you most about your involvement at the date?

A The Games take you into a completely different dimension that you don’t get in your usual business life. The time of preparation, difficulties and size of operations are massive. You can only understand them once you are involved.

Both professionally and personally, the Games are a unique sporting and cultural experience.

Walter Deppeler is senior corporate vice president and chief marketing officer of Acer.