Exotic golden oils have become the must-have winter face product

NO longer the domain of incense-infused massage parlours, body and face oils have become the must-have item in the discerning woman’s winter skincare closet. When the mercury drops and your skin turns dry, cold, gloopy creams just pale in comparison to the nourishing warmth of an aromatic oil.

There’s a chemical reason for this, too. Oils are pure, not being a blend of oil, water and the necessary stabilisers and preservatives that formulate creams, even the best ones. Georgie Wolfenden, founder of beauty website glowgetter.com, says: “Oils are superior to creams as they are purer and more active. Absolute purity can only be found in a pure oil because it is not blended with any water-based substance.”

Oils also contain high levels of active, live nutrients that are easily and safely absorbed. Plus they penetrate the skin in a way that creams do not, giving you that lovely glowing look that lasts. “Oils can penetrate deeper due to the natural oil composition in the skin,” says Wolfenden. “And contrary to common belief, pure oils will not clog pores. As long as you’re using a good one, it should not feel heavy or greasy – a good facial oil should leave the skin looking healthy, dewy and radiant. People who switch to oils often find they cannot go back to a cream formula.”

I’m one of them. Since trying Rodin oils, the brainchild of Linda Rodin, ex model and beauty stylist, I’ve stopped using my creams. I slather on the richly scented, bright yellow oil from its little glass jar at night and in the morning and sit back and relax while people compliment my healthy-looking skin.

There are numerous other exciting oils on the market that do not leave a slick-like shine or pitiful dripping feeling, but are light and penetrative instead, leaving nothing but glow and a sense of wellbeing.

Pure Monoi de Tahiti oil, this is the result of macerating the native Tiare flower in refined coconut extract, and the result is brilliantly luxurious. £43.00, www.narscosmetics.co.uk

New Zealand brand that is one of the only to use curative manuka honey, plus avocado oil, antibacterial plant extract, lavender and rose oils. £42 from www.glowgetter.co.uk.

Forumlated with rose hip extract, vitamin C and essential fatty acids, this oil encourages collagen
production, making the skin appear fuller, softer and renewed. It’s great for stretch marks and ageing skin. £37 at Harrods, 0845 605 1234

Known as a collagen injection without needles, Rodial’s magic ingredients include pomegranate tannin, collagen peptides and vitamin C lipovectors which increase radiance and deter further damage. It feels lovely, too. £96, www.rodial.co.uk

Argan oil, a beautiful yellow oil known as the “gold of Morocco” meets plant oils (avocado, rose-hip, hazelnut) in this rich, vitamin E-enriched formula that goes on like silk and regenerates the most tired and spotty of skins. Lovely aromas, too. £34.25, www.lizearle.com

The brainchild of an American spiritualist, this is actually a superb range. This oil is a blend of organic therapeutic herbs, cold-pressed oils and lots of vitamin C, which stimulates skin cell repair and repairs sun damage. £80, www.glowgetter.co.uk

Created by top NYC stylist Linda Rodin, this blend of eleven essential oils is derived from flowers and other botanicals and has become a favourite of models (and me) for leaving skin hydrated, radiant and glowing. Expect people to ask if you’re pregs. £90.00,