Ex-rugby and cricket players discuss hanging up their boots

SALAMANCA Group, the bank and consultancy firm, hosted ex-rugby player Josh Lewsey and former England cricketer Michael Vaughan at the Royal Geographical Society last week to discuss life after a career in sports or the military.

Both now supporters of the charity Combat Stress, Lewsey was talking about his move from rugby to PwC and his current role as a trader at Citi, while Vaughan was reminiscing about his glory days as England cricket captain, lamenting that these days “you are no longer applauded for turning up to work”. Unfortunately the afternoon tea breaks probably aren’t as quite as good either.

■ Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words in the slanging match between Titan International chairman Maurice Taylor and French industry minister Arnaud Montebourg may definitely entertain us. The pair have been exchanging insults since Taylor wrote to Montebourg last week criticising the work ethic of French employees. In the latest bout of the open-letter battle, Taylor calls the French minister “an imbecile who is disconnected from reality” and says that France has “beautiful women and great wine” but no idea how to run a business.” And the sting in the tail: “[Titan] asked only if you want seven hours’ pay, you work at least six.” More updates as we have them.

■ Last year brought us the linguistic gems of Eurogeddon and omnishambles. However the Year of the Snake has seen a new low in portmanteau words used to describe Britain leaving the European Union, and the possibility of Scottish independence. The use of Brexit (British exit) and Sexit (Scottish exit) is so rife even our beloved Boris has been dropping the B-bomb. However when discussing the implications of Sexit, commentators may want to refer to an existing meaning, as defined by website Urban Dictionary – which in polite terms roughly translates as a couple’s hasty exit from a social gathering to enter into pressing one-on-one negotiations. All in favour, say aye.