Ex-Deutsche Bank executive claims boss knew of spying

DEUTSCHE BANK&rsquo;S former head of investors, Wolfram Schmitt, claimed yesterday that workers around him were aware &ldquo;from the beginning&rdquo; of a spying scandal over which he was fired.<br /><br />The mid-level executive&rsquo;s lawyer claims the legal department of the bank and a high level communications executive were aware of a plan concocted to discover more about a dissident investor. Deutsche&rsquo;s chairman Clemens B&ouml;rsig had requested the information about the shareholder, Schmitt&rsquo;s lawyer alleged.<br /><br />The meeting in which the plan was broached was not one-to-one, Schmitt&rsquo;s lawyer said, adding that &ldquo;there are questions&rdquo; about how involved the bank&rsquo;s legal department was.&nbsp; <br /><br />Schmitt claims he was unfairly dismissed by Deutsche Bank. The case continues. Deutsche Bank was not available for comment.