Eurostar plans makeover as European rivals circle

Eurostar, the high speed rail operator, yesterday said it was embarking on a massive rebranding exercise in a bid to fend off competition. <br /><br />The EU&rsquo;s planned liberalisation of rail lines in January 2010 means that European operators, such as Air France and Deutsche Bahn, are preparing to launch their own services from London to the Continent. <br /><br />Eurostar, which will mark its 15th anniversary next&nbsp; month, has already revamped its train interiors as well as updating its livery.<br /><br />The operator has put the brief out to pitch, and plans to launch the new identity next year.<br /><br />Air France has said that it would use the lines on which Eurostar operates to launch its own high-speed service to London, while Deutsche Bahn is planning services from Cologne and Frankfurt to London.