European civil servants pin their hopes on spuds

WITH economic woe continuing to plague the European continent, Brussels’ bureaucrats have come up with a novel way of raising our spirits. Casting the mood for austerity aside, the EU has funded a “scientific study” into the alleged morale boosting effects of that Great British lunchtime snack – the jacket potato.

“This research goes some way to explaining why we have such an emotional response to jacket potatoes,” commented chief boffin Dr Avinash Kant. The study, commissioned by an EU-backed website named Many Faces of Potatoes, says that the aromas given off by baking spuds are “thought to stimulate happy memories in the brain, reminding us of our favourite people and places”. And busy City workers have no excuse to miss out: “Those who are hard pressed for time can simply microwave their potato for five minutes before baking off in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes,” the study says, “allowing the effect to work its magic”.