Europe and IMF say Greece is on track

INTERNATIONAL officials gave Greece good marks yesterday for austerity measures demanded as part of a huge bailout, as unions called a 24-hour strike in protest at cuts that have pushed unemployment to a 10-year high.

A team from the EU, IMF and European Central Bank said Greece was with reforms aimed at rescuing the debt-laden nation from bankruptcy in return for a three year, €110bn (£91.9m) rescue package.

“While the mission did not undertake a comprehensive review at this time, its discussions suggest that the programme is on track and that the policies are being implemented as agreed,” a statement from the trio said.

Prime Minister George Papandreou welcomed the findings, saying “today we had the first positive signs that Greece can get out of its difficult spot.”

But his government faces growing opposition to the deal at home as the pain of the swingeing cuts mounts.

Public and private sector unions announced a general strike on 29 June to protest the pension and labour reforms agreed in the bailout.