EU’s Oettinger: German nuclear deal is fair

City A.M. Reporter
European Union energy commissioner Gunether Oettinger yesterday welcomed Germany’s nuclear energy move made by the government on Sunday, saying plans to grant nuclear plants longer life cycles tied in with wider energy plans for the bloc.

Talking to reporters at an energy conference in Munich, he said: “The EU wants to lay down a focus for the next 10 years of energy policy in the winter and Germany’s decision fits in exactly at the right time.”

The compromise between chancellor Angela Merkel, utilities and many other stakeholders was “fair”, he said. “I am also pleased that additional funds for renewables will be brought in as part of the provisions.” Burdens from the deal for utilities in the shape of a fuel tax and funds that they have to provide to the promotion of renewable energies, would probably be shouldered. “I am certain everyone’s done their sums and it was correctly measured.”

Oettinger also said he was convinced the plan would stand up to possible challenges in constitutional courts. The EU Commission was planning soon to get directives on the way that would aim to solve nuclear waste repository issues, he added.