EPISODE 50 – A sudden end, but the cheque’s in the post

DEAR Cicely,

I am writing to inform you that I will not be attending our scheduled session tomorrow. I might have attended, or called, to inform you of my decision but frankly, I felt you might encourage me to reconsider. And I don’t wish to do that. My apologies for the abrupt decision and my probably underhand means of communication.

If I now offer you my reasons for terminating our sessions you may, quite reasonably, be sceptical. Indeed, as I contemplate them I am mindful that they seem slender. I have little time available and I don’t want my wife to know about our sessions. I was prompted to see you because of my recent difficulties with sleep. Medication seems to be addressing that.

Furthermore, I have seen the “individual concerned” for lunch on more than one occasion. Once I recognised that I’d been dishonest with you about that in our sessions I knew I had to end them.

For me, it has felt like addressing unfinished business from 10 years ago but I don’t know if there is genuine feeling from the other party or, perhaps, simply a desire to manipulate, even destroy. Clearly unhealthy though. And I have responsibilities and obligations elsewhere. So, just as I’m ending our sessions, I shall also be ending that – what? – “other interaction”. I can imagine a therapist having a field day with the juxtaposition of those two simultaneous terminations.

I enclose a cheque for tommorow’s and next month’s sessions. Please let me know if this is insufficient. My thanks for your help and insights over recent weeks.

I know it’s unnecessary to specify this but I shall do so anyway – I trust that the fact and content of our conversations and this letter remain strictly confidential.

With thanks and kind regards,

David Cashman

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