Episode 36: Money, Money, Money

Emma: You’ve given Nick £50,000.

David: Lent. Not given.

Emma: His business is going bust.

David: It’s not going bust. It’s a cash flow issue.

Emma: “Cash flow issue”? Don’t you people ever learn anything?

David: What do you mean, “you people”?

Emma: Masters of the Universe. Financial Harry Potters. Bankers, David. Isn’t this the sort of crazy thing that happened in the banking crisis?

David: This is just because you’ve never liked him.

Emma: Grow up David.

David: It’s my money.

Emma: Your money?

David: Yes. I earned it.

Emma: So should I invoice you for everything I do so that you can earn your money?

David: Emma, look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that… I had a big pay increase when I took over from Sandy. Nick, he’s my oldest friend. I’m just trying to help him.

Emma: So why didn’t you tell me?

David: Because… I knew you’d react like this.

Emma: It’s our children’s future.

David: It’s, look, it’s not…

Emma: What? Not a lot of money?

David: No, I didn’t mean…

Emma: Maybe not to you. Or to our children, it seems. But I read the bank’s slashed its arts funding.

David: So what do you want? That I give £50,000 to the Arts Committee?

Emma: Don’t insult me David.

David: And yes, we cut the arts grant. To save jobs.

Emma: The jobs of ­­­over-paid bankers who caused the crisis to start with. What about artists with no other income?

David: Perhaps they shouldn’t have taken our money in the first place then.

Emma: Who do you think you are, Lorenzo de Medici?

David: What? I thought we were talking about Nick.

Emma: Arguing, David. Not talking.

Cacophony erupts from the baby alarm. Emma glares at me, turns and leaves the kitchen.

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