E.ON to start second UK biomass conversion unit on Saturday

City A.M. Reporter
GERMAN utility E.ON will on Saturday start operating a second biomass conversion unit at its power plant in Ironbridge, Shropshire, it has emerged.

Unit 1 at the old coal-fired power plant will start generating biomass-fuelled electricity at 300 megawatts (MW) on Saturday, an E.ON schedule showed.

Unit 2, which was also converted from burning coal to burning wood pellets, has been operating at the same capacity since 21 February, a spokesman said.

Ironbridge’s operating hours were restricted in 2008 under a European Union-wide law that imposes a pollution threshold on power plants and despite the conversion, Ironbridge will have to abide by the limitations.

At the end of January, Ironbridge had just over 11,000 hours of operating time remaining until the end of 2015.

E.ON does not plan to re-license the station as a biomass plant to allow it to run beyond 2015 due to the high investment costs required, the spokesman also added.