England failures down to the FA not us, says Premier League boss

PREMIER League chief executive Richard Scudamore has slammed the Football Association for continually passing the buck when it comes to assessing the national team’s failures.

Last month England manager Roy Hodgson vented frustration at TV scheduling which means players from Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal will play five days before a must-win World Cup qualifier against Moldova.

However, Scudamore is insistent England’s woes having nothing to do with the running of his organisation.

“The whole thing seems to me that if England don’t win something it is someone else’s fault,” he said.

“Where does that leave the people at the FA in terms of their accountability?

“It can’t be our fault. It is bigger than us. It is not the Premier League who ripped up the playing fields. It is not the Premier League that didn’t put the education into schools that the government should have done.

“We have not won the World Cup since 1966. We didn’t start until 1992. What happened between 1966 and 1992? Whose fault was that?

“The whole thing is frustrating. It cannot be our fault on any level.”