Tories pass 40 per cent mark
Today’s YouGov poll for the Sun shows the Conservatives gaining considerable ground. Their lead has0 widened to nine points, with a 41 per cent share of the vote, while Labour is up two points at 32 per cent. That puts the Tories on course to win a comfortable majority after the election. The Liberal Democrats fell two points to 18 per cent.

Economists back Brown
Gordon Brown has received support from over 50 economists, who have written a letter to the Daily Telegraph that endorses the Labour leader. The letter, which has been backed by 58 economists, was signed by Lord Peston, Lord Layard, Lord Skidelsky and Sir David Hendry. The letter claims that the Conservative Party’s plans to cut government waste will result in job losses and warns that public sector cuts could destabilise the fragile economic recovery.

Party leaders face TV debate
Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will go up against each other tonight in the first televised leaders’ debate. The three leaders will answer questions chosen by the 200-member audience and some that have been submitted via email. The 90-minute debate will be filmed at the Granada studios in Manchester and the leaders will answer questions on domestic affairs. The US-style debate will be televised on ITV 1. Sky News and BBC 1 will broadcast the other two debates on 22 April and 29 April.