More businesses back Osborne
Another 13 businesses leaders backed Tory plans to curb Labour’s proposals to raise national Insurance contributions by one per cent. ITV chairman Archie Norman and Dairy Crest chief executive Mark Allen are among those who agree with George Osborne that the hike is “a tax” on job creation.

Michael Caine ditches Labour
Michael Caine, the movie actor famous for his roles in cult classics like “The Italian Job” and “Get Carter,” waded into the election campaign yesterday and announced that he was switching his support to the Tories. Caine, a lifelong Labour supporter, appeared alongside David Cameron to present Conservative plans for a “national citizen service” for 16-year-olds.

Tories unveil public pay policy
David Cameron yesterday said a Tory government would link the pay of public sector chiefs to their lowest-paid employees, in a move that is sure to slash the pay of public servants earning over £100,000. He said he would implement a “radical pay scheme” that would see the remuneration of public sector bosses capped at no more than 20 times the salary of the lowest-paid worker in the organisation.