Lib Dems score YouGov high
The Liberal Democrats last night recorded their highest YouGov poll score, with popularity up three per cent to 34 per cent. The Lib Dems showed a three point lead over the Conservative party, which dropped two points to 31 per cent. The Labour party fell one per cent to 26 per cent. Liberal Democrat popularity has been riding high since Nick Clegg’s winning performance in the leaders’ debate last Thursday, making the election a three-horse race.

Tories given £1.46m in a week
The Conservative party received more than £1.46m during the first week of the election campaign, almost double that given to the Labour Party, the Electoral Commission said yesterday.

The Conservatives received 33 donations between 6 April, the day the May 6 election was announced, and 12 April. This included more than £48,000 of advertising costs as well as £17,000 worth of helicopter flights. Businessman Chris Rea gave the party a £100,000 cash donation.