Election all nighter? Nobody in the City partying like it’s 2008

IF New York is the City That Never Sleeps, perhaps London ought to be referred to as the City That Elected Not To Party last night.

The Capitalist was extremely disappointed at the lack of US election all-nighters held in the City, particularly from the likes of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley who have numerous colleagues in the US but had no plans to celebrate last night.

While the big City firms appeared to shun lavish mid-week drinks parties, The Capitalist did manage to find one official bash, hosted by the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. However if the picture of the party room (above) is anything to go by, the affair is likely to have been a more sedate one. Even the Centre for Policy Studies, which was considering hosting a last minute election party, abandoned ship due to “lack of interest”.

Happily it wasn’t all doom and gloom. The Marylebone Sports Bar and Grill sold out of tickets for its Democrats party and over at The Stafford hotel St James’s, bar staff promised to mix celebration cocktails potent enough to “make you see stars and stripes.” So patriotic.