Ecclestone urged to stop Bahrain GP

PRO-DEMOCRACY activists have written to F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone pleading with him not to reinstate this year’s Bahrain GP.

The 13 March Formula One season opener was called off due to civil unrest, which is still ongoing, with the organisers given until 1 May to inform Formula One’s governing body whether or not they want the race reinstated on this year’s calendar.

The ‘Youth of the 14 February Revolution’ wrote: “In support of the population of Bahrain, we’re asking you reconsider hosting Grand Prix of Bahrain until basic human rights and freedom are restored, and, if you wish, to issue a letter stating that the Grand Prix cannot, and will not, be organized in Bahrain until basic human rights are restored.

“We thank you for your support and wish to see the Grand Prix in Bahrain soon, in a free and democratic atmosphere.”