Eau De’nied: Island stops Chanel trademarking Jersey fragrance

THERE was a whiff of dejection in the air for luxury fashion and fragrance house Chanel this week, as the application it made to trademark Jersey – the name of its lavender scent – was denied by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

The brand argued that the perfume was named after the favourite textile of Coco Chanel, but the island felt a trademark would “limit the opportunities for entrepreneurs in Jersey”.

The island’s Economic Development Department, said that: “We are not objecting to the name being used. What we object to is the use of the name Jersey as a trademark.” Presumably no Chanel Islands anytime soon, then.

With financial spinner Eleanor Williamson leaving PR agency M:Communications for rival Pelham Bell Pottinger at the start of this week, there are now only a few people left at the PR company set up by Nick Miles and Hugh Morrison. With the founding pair having already jumped ship, The Capitalist hears that the remainder are now being refered to as the [re]M:nants.

Kate Middleton’s much talked about bump may still be fairly small, but it is already big business in the world of baby merchandising, as retailer Mothercare proved yesterday. The baby and toddler chain is pushing the sale of pink and blue baby grows with the slogans When I Grow Up I Want to be a Princess and Prince in Training, which will be available next month. Mothercare boss Simon Calver explained that the firm are “looking to commemorate, celebrate, to have a bit of fun.” No mention of rushing to be the first to milk the royal baby cash cow.