Dust off and scrub up for summer sun


Men may balk at going to a place called Nail Girls to get their tootsies in ship shape for sandal-wearing, but the sisters at this super-cute – and yes, a little bit girly – shop off Upper Street have just the thing for a well-groomed man. Man’s mani and pedi includes cut and shape, cuticle work, warm oil soak, plenty of hot towel love, hand and arm massage and a buff to shine. The girl’s even developed a low-chemical line of natty nail polishes. Perfect for Islington dwellers. Manicure £17 for 15 minutes, £20 for 20 minutes. 50 Cross Street, N1 2BA, tel: 020 7359 2772

BACK TONE AND TONIC, Gentleman’s Tonic
Gents: make sure your strapping backs and biceps look their best for the beach with this essential beach-prep treatment. Deep cleansing using specially developed man-friendly house products is followed by exfoliation of the back, shoulders and upper arms to remove excess oil, congestion and impurities. To finish off, you get a deep, tension-releasing massage followed by a hydrating pack that will leave you feeling energised and ready to flex those newly shiny muscles in the sunshine, and to confidently parade the terrace in just your swimming trunks. £50, 45 minutes. 31a Bruton Place, W1J 6NN, tel: 0207 297 4343

Take your wintry, pore-clogged skin into summer with a dose of vigorous pampering designed expressly for the busy City gentleman. A gentle foot rub with warm lime milk is followed by a hot lime compress and deep cleanse facial wash and a neck, shoulder, face and eye massage soothes and plumps. Next, a skin scrub and exfoliation removes all impurities and a silk mask gives your face a polished look. A must-have prep for holiday. £65, 55minutes. Quote City A.M. on booking for a 10 per cent discount. 1 Ropemaker Street, EC2Y 9AW, tel: 020 7920 6200


Nothing says summer like legs that look happy to be out: smooth, glowing and generously on show. Head to the jewel-like Glow in Knightsbridge and allow the seriously good team to buff your pins to gleaming perfection. First, a deep exfoliation, followed by a moisturising treatment of aromatic shea butter and natural yoghurt (yes, yoghurt). The treatment is brilliant pre- and post-tan – it sloughs off dead cells for maximum solar bronzing and soothes too, if you’ve returned from a week in the sun. Either way, it ensures you’ll have the best legs on the beach. £55 , 60 minutes. 9 Motcomb Street SW1 8JU, tel: 020 752 0652

The clue is in the name: this cute little treatment focuses in on one of our most visible slabs of flesh – in the summer, anyway. Well, in the words of the folks at this Notting Hill treasure chest of a spa: “our back is screaming ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’” Indeed, it cowers under thermal vests all winter, and then it’s expected to be paraded about in style. Using the brilliant, exclusive Ling Skincare product range, your back will be steam cleaned, exfoliated and any spots extracted. Next up: neck and back massage, and a polish using serums that penetrate deep thanks to an ultrasound machine, leaving you glowing and ready for a season in backless dresses. £75, 55 minutes. 8-9 Lambton Place, W11 2SH, tel: 020 7221 2248

Your face will thank you so much for this. Super-therapist Rekha has a touch to open up even the most clogged of pores: therapeutic boluses (filled with ginger and lemongrass), heated compresses and ayurvedic-inspired relaxation techniques centre the mind while the Purify products soften, hydrate and repair the skin. Inhaling the heavenly, mood-balancing blend of summery grapefruit, fennel, cypress and lime essential oils only encourages your skin to absorb the oils and creams more deeply. A gorgeous pressure point massage ensures your facial skin will looked plumped up, soft and ready to party. £100, 90 minutes; Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AH, tel: 020 7267 6188
020 7267 6188