Dubens bullish on Oakley asset gains

PRIVATE equity boutique Oakley Capital Investments, run by serial entrepreneur Peter Dubens, issued a bullish statement yesterday, as it reported healthy growth in its investment portfolio.<br /><br />While most major private equity houses are suffering dire asset falls, Oakley has reported a 9.1 per cent rise in its net asset value in the year to end-2008 to a &pound;99.9m total.<br /><br />Over the year, the group snapped up Monument Securities from Insinger de Beafort Group as well as buying news services firm Headland Media and web-hosting group Host Eurpe Corporation.<br /><br />Dubens described the year as &ldquo;successsful&rdquo; and said investment opportunities are &ldquo;emerging at attractive multiples&rdquo;.