<div>Sara Hollamby<br /><strong>Style&nbsp;Counsel</strong><br /><br />A LOT of guys ask me how to carry off &ldquo;casual&rdquo;. It's a difficult question. Unlike when you are wearing a business suit where it's just a case of the sharper the better, being casual is almost the opposite: you want it to look like you haven't bothered. But you have to make sure that you don't end up dressed like your dad.<br /><br />So, what are the rules? Well, definitely go for natural fabrics, and by that I mean fabrics that will crease easily, and don&rsquo;t put an iron anywhere near them &ndash; use the tumble dryer to smooth. I personally like the &ldquo;greigey&rdquo; colours (anything between grey and beige), they look great with a suntan, and if you want to brighten up and be really on trend, add a coloured belt or bright pair of leather boat shoes &ndash; but on no account try to match the belt to the shoes.<br /><br />You can throw on a casual cardi, or unstructured jacket, even a waistcoat, and you can roll your sleeves and trouser legs up a bit. And that&rsquo;s it, you&rsquo;re good to go. However, please don&rsquo;t confuse this with smart casual. For that you'll need a skinny tie on your unstructured shirt. And please also note: this look is not for everyone. Sara Hollamby is a business image consultant at workingvoices.com; email sarahollamby@blueyonder.co.uk</div>