Drama behind the scenes at City election

THERE was more drama than usual at last month’s City of London elections.

Academic and clergyman Muhammad Al-Hussaini, standing for the Castle Baynard ward, was representing the William Wallace Campaign with the popular pledge of “free beer for everyone forever.”

However, an ill-judged email sent in jest created more of a stir than his policy.

Writing to Reverend William Campbell-Taylor, electoral candidate for Walbrook ward and chair of the City Reform Group, Al-Hussaini criticised some of the group’s policies, signing his message off with: “I have been quietly saving up for the operation to have William circumcised. I’m quite prepared to get out my number 10 scalpel and do him myself before his Wardmote.”

Al-Hussaini told The Capitalist he was then swiftly contacted by City of London police, culminating in police protection officers being deployed to the hustings the day before the election.

Luckily the election passed by circumcision-free, and Al-Hussaini assures The Capitalist it was all just a joke gone wrong.