Don’t let your digits freeze for an iPhone

This cold weather is a curse for the mobile professional. When you’re constantly coming in from the cold, every office seems like a sauna. It’s worse if you cycle everywhere. Take it from me, standing in a puddle of your own sweat in reception doesn’t inspire confidence.

Freshmax Shirts claims its cotton shirts have solved that problem, through top secret “smartweave” technology. Good news: the sweat doesn’t permeate through your shirt. But it has to go somewhere. You might need a spare pair of trousers. And pants! Separate them from your bike’s Binatone F350 SatNav. I left them festering together in my laptop bag and sweat rusted the terminals.

You can always tell an iPhone user in winter. They’re the ones with blue arthritic fingers. You can’t work an iPhone while wearing gloves. But the curse of frostbite may be over. EchoDesign has created special gloves with quilted finger tips that work with any iPad, Pod or Phone. Warning: they only seem to come in girly colours and designs. You must choose between cold blue fingers or warm pastel pink.

The alternative is to find a way of hands free interaction. Download and you’ll never have to work your iPhone. Just talk to your hand. Or, if you want to be really stylish and you’ve got £350 you don’t need, a sWaP Signature watch gives you tri-band mobile communications. It’s a watch that makes and receives phone calls. Comes with a loudspeaker and microphone for hands free use. If you see a man put a SIM card into his watch and start talking to his wrist, he’s not mad or a trekkie. He’s loaded.

Talking of mad conversations, IfindiPhone has developed an app that translates doggy language. When your dog is barking frantically, simply hold up your iPhone and it will do a Ruff Translation. Works the other way too, so your commands can be translated into doggy dialect. Woof!

Last word on the Freshmax shirts. Cycle 10 miles across town wearing one of these shirts and a considerable amount of sweat collects in your pants, leaving you soaked. It’s vaguely kinky though. There are people who’d pay good money for this sort of thing.