Don’t laugh, but we could still win it

IT DOESN’T have to be bad news if England’s players feel they need to tell Fabio Capello that they are unhappy with certain aspects of his management.

In fact I think it’s healthy for the boss to listen to their opinions. They care and it shows they are trying to find a solution to their poor performance so far.

At Arsenal Arsene Wenger sat us down a few times on a Monday morning after bad results and we would have a chat about what was wrong.

England now need to play with the shackles off against Slovenia, to go out there and believe in themselves a bit more.

As long as they get through, and if they can get the bit of luck you need in cup competitions, then I still really believe there is a chance we could win the tournament.

Argentina have won twice and Brazil look good but no-one has played that well yet, so I think the trophy is there for the taking.

There will have to be changes, however. Capello has shown he is ruthless by dropping Robert Green, and he needs to go further.

I don’t think he has played badly, but I would drop Emile Heskey, play Steven Gerrard behind Wayne Rooney in attack and bring in Joe Cole on the left.

Cole impressed me with his performances during the warm-up games and has got something different. He is unpredictable, takes up positions that are hard to mark and tries to take players on.

Capello has got to find a place for him, and the best position would seem to be left midfield.

I couldn’t understand why the Italian played James Milner against USA, especially since he’d not been well, and then brought on Shaun Wright-Phillips instead of Cole.

Fabio is a good manager and the players have to take their share of responsibility, but he has made some strange decisions.

England have been drawn in one of the easiest groups going – we all thought we would have no trouble getting past USA, Algeria and Slovenia – so if we don’t get through then I’m afraid Capello has to go.