Don’t expect wigs and robes at Panther AGM

CITY firms have been outdoing themselves with the glamorous locations they have chosen for their AGMs recently. WPP held its at the Savoy Hotel yesterday, admittedly in the not so glitzy basement. Land Securities, meanwhile, has opted for the National Gallery for its AGM on 18 July.

Last year, for its June AGM property investment house Panther Securities used the rather unusual venue of a courtroom filmset from Wimbledon Film and TV Studios – one of its investments.

Chairman Andrew Perloff even robed up for the occasion.

However, this year, it’s been forced to seek a new venue as the set is up for sale at Cuttlestones Auctioneer. The auction comes after the winning bidder from an online eBay sale for three sets – including the courtroom – was unable to stump up the £123,400 he had pledged.

So with the film sets being sold, what exotic location will Panther choose to host its AGM this Friday? Sadly, the answer is the decidedly less exciting offices of Nexia Smith & Williamson in Moorgate.