Don’s as sharp as ever. Are you?

The wait is over – the suits are back. Mad Men started up again this week, gently lowering us back into a world of lunchtime whisky, indoor smoking and suits so sharp they could do some serious damage.
But Don Draper isn’t the only sartorial heavyweight gracing the small screen. From Harvey Specter’s effortless cool in Suits to Enoch “Nucky” Thompson’s (Steve Buschemi) 20s gangster style in Boardwalk Empire, the finely tailored suit has never been so highly lauded.
As well as looking damn fine, they also give you something to aim for when you come to buying a suit of your own. Walk into any tailor on Savile Row and ask for a Don Draper and, while you might feel like a bit of a wally, they will know what you mean.
It’s also a good way of spotting individual items. It is unlikely anyone wants to look exactly like Nucky when they go to the office – but copy his tie bar and two-tone shirt and you can add that certain je ne sais quoi to your look.
Today’s television is like a dream menswear catwalk leading straight into your living room. You might never be as handsome as Jon Hamm but if you wear suits like he does, people might be prepared to overlook that.

Harvey Specter

Who says the power suit is dead? Hard-nosed lawyer Harvey Specter (played in the US series Suits by Gabriel Macht) is smooth, successful and dresses to win. The dark, chalk-stripe three piece suit paired with a grey patterned tie is understated enough to look classy but powerful enough to send out a message that you’re not a man to be messed with.

Slim-fit cotton shirt £260
Charvet at

Edelweiss silk tie £49
Simon Carter at

Stephen Meyers

Ryan Gosling’s media spinner in the hit political drama The Ides of March is the epitome of no-nonsense cool. He wears a suit but you rarely see his jacket – he’s all about pristine white rolled up sleeves and a gaping collar. It says: “I work hard and I play hard too.” It also means you can sling on your jacket and be ready to attend a press conference at the drop of a hat – the perfect multi-tasker’s outfit.

Birchill spot woven tie £59

Don Draper

Yellow stripe Cambridge tie £79

Grey two button suit £395
Reiss at

Jay Gatsby

Few things says classic chic like a quality cream or white suit, worn impeccably by Leonardo DiCaprio in the upcoming movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Whether you’re going to a weekend barbeque at the boss’s house or an after-work garden party, this look will never age.

Black pinstriped suit £3,430
Ralph Lauren at

Brown waistcoat £75

White linen suit £500
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