Directors: EU veto was the right move

PRIME Minister David Cameron was right to wield the UK’s veto at the most recent European summit of leaders, according to a strong majority of British directors.

A striking 77 per cent of more than 1,000 members asked by the Institute of Directors supported Cameron’s decision, with 46 per cent strongly agreeing with his decision.

There appeared to be some mixed feelings, however: from the 77 per cent that think the veto will change the UK’s relationship with Europe, just over half think it will be a negative change.

That perhaps underscores the desire for looser ties to Brussels, with two thirds of directors saying they favour a less close relationship. Around 42 per cent want some powers repatriated.

The numbers are a blow for the Liberal Democrats, who had claimed that businesses were dismayed by the move. The data appears to show that, by contrast, managers are aligned with the current Eurosceptic public mood on Brussels.