Digital radio docks

True to its name, the wooden casing and fuzzy front resemble a 1970s hi-fi speaker – just the thing to pump out a bit of lounge jazz in your groovy bachelor pad. The tech is bang up to date though, with a clear 20 watt speaker output, iPod and iPhone compatibility and DAB radio reception. The price is relatively Retro and all. £99,

Denon is one of the first out of the gate to incorporate the futuristic AirPlay technology – it allows you to stream music directly from your iPad, iPhone or computer – which will be a major feature of music tech this year. Internet radio, network music streaming and iPod dock included too.

Resembling the groundbreaking F80 system Meridian developed with Porsche a few years ago, the English company’s own-brand version is a sleek stunner. It has CD, DVD and DAB/FM/AM radio, comes with Meridian’s i80 dock, and is finished in handstitched leather. Lush! £1,495,

Another British company, Pure is arguably the world-beaters when it comes to DAB. As well as DAB and FM radio and an iPod dock, it can link up to internet radio and podcasts via Wi-Fi, and can stream music from your computer too. Sound quality is excellent too.

Vita Audio is another company that deals in old-fashioned looks and up-to-the-minute technology – if it’s just radio you’re after, it’s leather-cased Ri MkII is the retro bees knees. The R2i, meanwhile, includes universal iPod dock, DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner, in a sleek case that comes in walnut, black or white. £299,

This is a much sleeker affair than the kind of colourful, 1950s-inspired digital radios for which Roberts is best known. It has an accousticaly-tuned wooden cabinet, upgraded stereo speakers, and offers DAB, FM and Wi-Fi radio as well as an iPod dock and CD player.