Diamond bags a golden boy

BARCLAYS Capital boss Bob Diamond might well be justified in offering &pound;30m for star metals trader Todd Edgar and his team &ndash; the trader is known for his nerves of steel and Midas touch when it comes to market calls. <br /><br />The 35-year old, who has ditched JP Morgan to join Diamond, is well regarded in futures circles for netting the bank $250m (&pound;153m) betting on gold over just a few months. <br /><br />Edgar, who left the bank in the last few weeks, took on a massive gold futures position within the $2bn proprietary portfolio he ran back in 2007. <br /><br />He also piled into spot gold &ndash; based on the current price of the metal &ndash; precisely as the commodity hit its low for the year. He then refused to budge, building on the position as prices moved towards a 27-year record high hitting $833.50 in the first week of November.<br /><br />The trader took maximum value from the trades by upping his gold exposure whenever prices dipped, and then selling down his stake as they hit spikes. <br /><br />When not gaining his employers sums equivalent to the output of a small nation, Edgar is a prolific surfing enthusiast and is said to favour the Mentawai Islands, which lie off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.