Deutsche man flown in to add profit to charity

EX-DEUTSCHE chief Graham Hodgkin has taken a more literal than usual route to cementing his reputation as a City high-flyer – by becoming the new CEO of the London Air Ambulance.

Hodgkin, formerly a managing director at Deutsche Bank, reckons he is well qualified for the newly-created role, having worked in investment banking for over 25 years.

“My approaches to people [for fundraising] will definitely be based on past business encounters, but we want to extend beyond my individual sphere of influence and reach out to other corporate and financial services firms,” he told The Capitalist.

“People talk about charities being not-for-profit – not an expression I particularly like. Charities absolutely have to make profit and have a viable business model to raise funds.”

There is currently only one emergency trauma helicopter covering the whole of the capital, which during December carried out 11 missions in the City and three in Canary Wharf.

One City worker who’ll surely be backing Hodgkin’s efforts is RBS corporate banker Jill Barber, who has first hand experience of the service after a road accident last year, when her life was saved by the chopper’s rapid response.

Hodgkin revealed he hadn’t been for a sky-high ride yet, but would be taking a hands-on approach soon by doing a night shift with the rapid response car.