Deutsche Bahn to shunt 14,000 out of their jobs

GERMANY’S national rail company, Deutsche Bahn, is planning to cut 14,000 jobs, an unnamed board member told a German newspaper.

The cuts are necessary because of the ongoing effects of the economic crisis, said a source on the rail operators’ supervisory board. But there would be no forced redundancies until the end of next year.

Around 240,000 people are employed by Deutsche Bahn, with 182,000 based in Germany.

Control of the metro rail system in Tyne and Wear recently passed to Deutsche Bahn in a £600m renovation of one of Britain’s last wholly publicly owned rail networks.

Deutsche Bahn has been in existence for 15 years, a private joint stock company that took over from Germany’s state railways. It is one of the largest infrastructure networks in Europe.

Deutsche Bahn declined to comment about the story.