Desktop OS gets a facelift with Mavericks

Steve Dinneen
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Apple’s mobile operating system wasn’t the only thing to get an overhaul this week: the new version of the desktop operating system also saw a raft of changes. OS X Mavericks is the first publicly available version of the operating system that isn’t named after a big cat (the first was Cheetah in 2001). Here are some of the things I especially liked:

• Convergence is the buzzword de jour, with many of the changes bringing the Mac family of computers further in-line with Apple’s mobile devices. The last version saw the introduction of the Mac App store and messaging services to your desktop: now you can add push notifications from websites to that.

• Tagging is another major addition to the OS. When you save a document, you now have the option to tag it, allowing you to quickly search for anything tagged, for example, “sports”. You can also retrospectively tag large groups of files, making it far easier to manage your documents.

• Tabs have been rolled out across the operating system. Most people now use tabs when browsing the web so you don’t end up with dozens of windows: now this works in Finder, too, making your life far less cluttered.