‘Depressed’ star Hatton admitted into rehab

FORMER world boxing champion Ricky Hatton checked into rehab for “severe depression” and a “drink p
roblem” last night following newspaper allegations that he used cocaine.

Publicist Max Clifford told how the ex-two weight champion had been suffering for some time but said the misuse of drugs was not the 31-year-old’s main problem.

“Ricky’s father has already been talking to the specialists over the last few weeks,” Clifford explained. “He and others have been increasingly concerned about Ricky’s depression and his drinking.”

He added: “He met with the specialist for four, five, six hours and he was told that his depression is severe and that he has a drink problem.

“The drugs are quite recent and not actually the problem when we’re talking about degrees.”

The move came after British boxing chiefs demanded face-to-face talks with Hatton to explain the News of the World allegations that he snorting cocaine at a Manchester hotel.

The British Board of Boxing Control could move to strip Hatton of his fighter’s and promoter’s licences.

“The Board enforces the strictest standards with regard to the use of both recreational and performance enhancing drugs by participants in any capacity in professional boxing,” the BBBC said in a statement.