Deloitte partners roll up their sleeves for charity cook-off

SEVEN partners from Deloitte shared a kitchen with MasterChef’s Michel Roux Jr this week. And not just in an attempt to improve the staff canteen, but to raise money for the charity Wildhearts.

Affectionately known as the Deloitte MasterChef Canapé Challenge, the office competition saw seven senior partners cook live under the strict judging eye of Michel Roux Jr.

Partner Jane Curran told The Capitalist: “I never knew there were so many uses for a syringe in a kitchen. I spent 45 minutes making rhubarb caviar, and [fellow partner] Richard Punt ended up wearing more chocolate than he used.”

And if you thought the world of accountancy wasn’t glamourous, think again. The Capitalist hears one female partner refused to take off her five-inch heels in the kitchen, much to the amusement of chef Michel.