Deliver me a car and I’ll deliver you my loyalty, says Hamilton

BRITISH driver Lewis Hamilton will base a decision on whether to continue pursuing his career with McLaren upon their ability to deliver him a car he believes capable of securing a second title.

McLaren’s deal with Hamilton ends this year but despite the degree of loyalty established over the course of their 14-year relationship, myriad operational complications inhibiting the performance of 2012’s most potent car, and by extension Hamilton’s season, has caused him to question his future with the team.

“There are a lot of things to take into account,” said Hamilton, 27.

“These people have supported me; they got me into F1. But I want to win. I’m not that young any more so I want to make sure that whatever I do I make the right decision so I maximise my career.

“I’ve been ready all year to win. We should have won a lot more races, but there’s many more to go. We still have a lot more chances to get some wins, I think it’s possible.

“Up until now we’ve not developed as fast as other people. Other people have brought some more upgrades in the past than we have, but we have a big upgrade coming for the next race, so let’s hope that it does the job and gets us in a fighting position.”

In the event Hamilton decides to leave McLaren, Mercedes remain the most likely alternative.