David Cameron to preach moral markets and responsible business

DAVID Cameron is planning to preach the importance of “moral markets” due to fears that Labour’s attacks on big business are playing well with voters.

Although the Prime Minister will pour scorn on what he sees as Ed Miliband’s crude distinction between “good” and “bad” companies, he will maintain the Tories are committed to the so-called “good business” agenda.

The phrase “moral markets” was almost made famous by David Miliband, who planned to coin the term in a speech to the Labour party if he won the leadership election.

Cameron will draw attention to coalition policies designed to help small firms but not large ones – such as a moratorium on new regulation for businesses with ten or fewer MPs.

He will also point out he has taken a high profile role in efforts to boost the number of women in boardrooms, a project that was started by Lord Mervyn Davies while he was a minister in the previous Labour government.

Cameron’s decision to fight Labour on the “good business” agenda means all major political parties – along with the Church of England – are now taking a moralising approach to capitalism.