David Cameron to give delayed speech on EU links tomorrow

DAVID Cameron will finally deliver his speech on Britain’s future relationship with the EU tomorrow morning, Downing Street confirmed yesterday.

The speech was originally due to be delivered in Amsterdam last Friday but was delayed due to the Algerian hostage crisis.

Although the Prime Minister’s aides wanted the announcement to take place on the continent for symbolic reasons, time constraints mean it will now be at a central London location.

The PM is expected to set out which powers he wants to repatriate from the EU, and promise a referendum on any new deal if the Conservatives win a majority at the 2015 general election.

A group of Conservative politicians want Cameron to table a straight in/out referendum while business leaders want an end to uncertainty about the EU.

Yesterday Cameron responded to the Algerian hostage crisis by committing UK intelligence and counter-terrorism resources to the struggle against al-Qaeda across north Africa.