Daddy day care for hotel scion

CYPRUS may be struggling under the weight of EU bailout negotiations, but one descendant of the island is bucking the trend with his entrepreneurial plans.

Evros Stakis, son of the late Cypriot-Scottish hotel tycoon Sir Reo Stakis is lining up to bring back the eponymous family business with a different brand of lodgings – daycare nurseries.

Stakis is teaming up with Countryside Nurseries to open up to 80 nurseries across the UK. The firm is looking to raise £150,000 under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, and hopes to build in the UK too.

The hotel scion said yesterday the move into childcare was a natural extension of his family’s roots. “Just as we look after families in their leisure time, we are now going to look after their children to enable parents to work and provide the best possible future for them,” he said.

No word yet on whether Stakis will be taking a hands-on role at the firm but he certainly has plenty of experience – as well as having five brothers and sisters himself – Rena, Ridi, Niki, Stassia and Andros – he has kept the family’s Cypriot tradition going strong, naming his son Orpheus.