Cyprus’s new leader pledges a bailout deal

Marion Dakers
THE NEW leader of Cyprus, conservative Nicos Anastasiades, yesterday promised to finalise a bailout package for the Eurozone island after winning the presidential run-off election.

Anastasiades moved quickly to distance himself from the outgoing Communist government, pledging to “restore the credibility of Cyprus in Europe and internationally”.

The decisive outcome showed a clear mandate from Cypriots for Anastasiades’ aggressive, pro-bailout approach to resolving the nation's financial quagmire.

Meanwhile, markets are awaiting the outcome a fiercely-fought Italian election that could foster more financial instability if the polls bring an unstable government.

Polling stations open for a second and final day today and exit polls will be published soon after they close at 2pm UK time.

Centre-right leader Silvio Berlusconi, who has pitted himself against anti-establishment comedian Beppe Grillo and centre-left Pierluigi Bersani, endured protests from topless protesters as he cast his vote in Milan yesterday.

The official results are expected by early tomorrow.