Cup chiefs ponder vuvuzela ban

WORLD CUP organising chief Danny Jordaan is considering calls to ban vuvuzelas from the tournament following complaints.

The trumpet-like instruments have constantly droned through every match of this World Cup so far, drowning out singing and chanting from the fans.

Asked if it was a possibility that fans could be prevented from bringing the instruments into the stadiums, Jordaan said: “If there are grounds to do so, yes. We have heard from the broadcasters and other individuals and it is something we are evaluating on an ongoing basis.”

He added: “We have tried to get some order with it. We have asked for no vuvuzelas during national anthems or anyone is making an announcement.

“I know it is a difficult question but we are trying to manage it as best we can.”

The vuvuzela is said to be based on an African kudu horn instrument and became popular at South African events during the 1990s.