Crumbs: New shrinking snack plan really takes the biscuit

ANYBODY who enjoys a biscuit with their mid-morning coffee will be cheesed off over news that the government is drafting a pledge to reduce our saturated fat intake – by making the size of each biscuit smaller. They seem not to have noticed that the things come in packets.

Reducing portion size is just one of the potential waist-slimming wheezes on the table.

Other options include replacing regular products like cheese spreads and milks served in shops with lower fat options by default.

The Capitalist doubts that having to call for a “fatty latte” instead of a skinny will deter many visitors to the City’s coffee houses, where trading up to an espresso con panna is a mark of discernment.

■ Poet John Donne wrote that no man is an island. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t own one. Tanera Mor, a small island off the north west coast of Scotland is up for grabs after a potential buyout by the local mainland community failed to take place. And who would live on a Scottish isle like this? The answer is anyone with £2.5m burning a hole in their pocket. The island has nine residential buildings, a cafe and its very own post office. Estate agents CKD Galbraith describe it as a “superb family residence.” Located one and a half miles from the mainland, “secluded” would probably be a pretty apt USP too.