Crisis for government migration cap

Julian Harris
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NET migration will not fall by much next year despite the Conservatives’ pledge to reduce it to “tens of thousands,” the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said today.

And the government’s measures to restrict immigration face legal challenges from opponents and attacks from business groups.

Entrepreneurs and investors will no longer be able to enter the UK on “Tier 1” applications, the government suddenly declared yesterday.

“The early closure of the current route will be an extra hurdle for business ahead of the permanent cap,” responded Baroness Jo Valentine of London First.

The government wants to reduce the annual number of non EU economic migrants to 21,700.

But last week the High Court upheld a challenge to the current cap on non EU immigration.

And immigration from within EU peripheral countries is likely to increase, the IPPR said.

“The cap on skilled migration from outside the EU could hurt the economic recovery,” it said.