Crimson Tide announces mobile software tie-up with Microsoft

MOBILE software company Crimson Tide yesterday signed a deal with Microsoft to use the tech giant’s cloud-based infrastructure.

Crimson Tide, which develops and operates the mpro smartphone app, said the agreement would “provide current and future customers with the most secure, reliable and robust enterprise application available”.

Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure, allows companies to run applications via the internet and store their data online.

“By launching our mpro solution on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform I believe that we will be offering one of the most powerful, reliable and adaptable enterprise applications currently on the market,” said Crimson Tide’s executive chairman Barrie Whipp. “As a company we strive to make continual enhancements and improvements to our system.”

The tie-up with a trusted operator like Microsoft is crucial to Crimson Tide, whose office admin apps are used extensively in the medical industry.