Crash of the Titans as sequel bombs


SOMETIMES it’s a mixture of little things that let a film down. Sometimes it’s one hugely important thing like, for example, the entire script. Certainly, making a sequel to Clash of The Titans, with its woeful dialogue, unintentionally hilarious accents and hulking, dull storyline is a gutsy move. However, director Jonathan Liebesmann (Battle Los Angeles) makes the most of what he’s been given; namely, some opportunities for exhilarating set pieces, and he improves on the original.

Sam Worthington is Perseus who, after defeating terrifying sea beast the Kraken at the end of Clash of the Titans, has decided to kick back and become a fisherman. Unfortunately Liam Neeson’s Zeus, Perseus’s father, is captured by Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and so the half-god must give up his fish and join up with some allies before heading to hell to get his dad back. While the first film suffered from tons of exposition, among other things, Wrath of the Titans keeps it ridiculously simple.

You know how this will end. The script is astoundingly uninspired and, when the characters aren’t running around amid some brilliant 3D CGI creations (the labyrinths of Tartarus are a definite highlight, and watch out for Rosamund Pike’s eyes), everything gets squirmingly boring.

However, Liebesmann knows action, allowing for some enjoyable spectacles and an entertaining cast (especially Bill Nighy as the nutty Hephaestus), led by a muscular Worthington stretching his biceps (even if he’s unable to do much with his acting muscles).

As a film, it’s highly flawed. As a piece of entertainment, it’s highly flawed. However, if high octane action sequences are your bag,this is probably worth a look.