Sara Hollamby
Style Counsel

IT’S not until you get extreme weather like this that you suddenly realise how totally useless your best fashion boots are for outside wear. With this amount of snow and ice, which looks set for a couple of weeks at least, you really need proper snow boots. Not ever having owned a pair of Ugg boots, I’m not sure how they stand up to the snow, they may keep your feet warm, but certainly the “cardi” variety are not going to keep them dry, and there’s no point having one without the other in these sub-zero temperatures. I bought a pair of fur-lined boots with a thick crepe sole in a sale about four years ago, specifically for a trip to Poland. Although I probably only wear them for about four weeks of the year, they are invaluable when its really cold and snowy and come out again and again – the best thing about them is that they make me actually quite enjoy wading through the snow and slush, as they’re non-slip, and very warm. Although we don’t get these weather extremes very often, when they do come, you are best to have some in the cupboard.

I found a couple that will keep you toasty on those freezing walks to the station. Timberland’s Mukluk boots, from £100 down to £69.99, and also the Fitflop Snuggers at £85 (both on the companies’ own websites) which will help keep you looking trim as well as cosy. Once you’re at your office, peel off the outer layers, change your snowy boots for smart court shoes, apply a brush of ID Minerals on your shiny red cheeks and nose, and no-one would ever know you’d trekked through Outer Mongolia to make it in to work. However, your presence in a near empty office will undoubtedly be noticed and remembered.

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